New Blackmail movie score in concert!

The trailer for the new James Whale Orchestra production of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Blackmail’, in collaboration with the Postland Collectief. I wrote a soundtrack inspired by Bernard Herrmann’s Vertigo soundtrack, 1920’s popular music, some contemporary sections and plenty of film noir jazz.

Postland are an extraordinary group of players – all technical wizards with a huge knowledge of extended techniques and styles – so I was able to write pretty much anything I wanted to :))

The premiere is at Leiden Film Festival on 13th November, and then the production goes to Almere, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, EYE Amsterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht.

Tickets here

James Whale Orchestra live at Casa da Musica

On Sunday 15th October the JWO will be performing in the fabulous Casa da Musica. Our second tour to Portugal – a few months ago we played City Girl at the film festival in Foz Coa. Looks like we might be back a few more times too – a few film festivals have been in touch.